Follow up on the latest improvements and updates.


We can select multiple segments we don't want to include for an automation flow, like we do in broadcast.
When they automation flow executes for a customer and if that customer belongs to any one of the selected segment, the flow will be exited immediately.
Select the exit condition →
Select the segments you don't want the flow to be executed for →
You'll be able to see in the Spur table of the flow that a particular customer exited the flow and the reason was "Customer in Segment" →
Introduce a "Drag and Drop" functionality for attaching files directly into the message box, to streamline and enhance the user experience.
Currently, users need to click a "+" button to attach files, navigating through their device's file explorer to select the desired files. While functional, this process can be streamlined for efficiency and ease of use. Our client has suggested implementing a drag and drop feature, allowing users to simply drag files from their computer and drop them into the message box for attachment.
Requested by: Myrite.
Hey Spur Fam! 👋
We're shaking things up with some fantastic updates to our pricing plans. 🚀
1️⃣ No More Per-Conversation Costs: That's right! 💯 We're waving goodbye to additional charges per conversation. From now on, you'll only pay to WhatsApp at actuals. Say hello to transparency and affordability! 👏
2️⃣ Adapting to a Competitive Landscape: The WhatsApp service landscape is becoming increasingly competitive, much like email before it. 📧 We're staying ahead of the curve, offering you unbeatable value. 📈
3️⃣ Revolutionary Campaign Sends: This is the big one! 🌟 We're introducing Campaign Sends, a game-changer for your business. You can now set a max limit for each WhatsApp broadcast. Plus, you have control over your monthly sends in Link Products and automation flows within Spur. 📱 The best part? Run as many broadcasts as you like, as long as you stay below your selected limit. 🎯
📞 Reach out to us if you're curious to learn more or if you have any questions. We're beyond excited to roll this out and see the incredible ways it'll benefit your business! 🌟
Hey Spur Family,
Guess what? We've just rolled out something truly magical at Spur! It's not just a feature; it's a revolution in eCommerce communication:
The Team Shared Inbox
Why is Everyone Raving About It?
In the world of eCommerce, where timely responses can make or break a sale, we're giving you the ultimate power. Imagine a space where your entire tribe - be it designers, founders, or sales stars - come together to weave magic in customer communication!
Elevate Your Experience
  1. All-In-One Magic Box
    : WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook - all your chats are now under one enchanting roof!
  2. Empower with Roles
    : Designate roles like a maestro and direct the symphony of your customer interactions.
  3. Swift Like a Spell
    : Why keep customers waiting? Respond with the speed of a spell!
  4. Harness Spur's Wonders
    : Use our magical toolkit - Chat Automation Builder, Spur Tables, Product Links, and oh-so-much more, straight from this Inbox.
Collaborate, Conquer, and Charm!
Don't just respond. Mesmerize your customers with every interaction. With our Team Shared Inbox, you're not just managing queries; you're orchestrating delightful customer experiences.
Cheers to creating magic together,
Anshuman Singh Chauhan
Team Spur - Where eCommerce Communication is Magical ⚡️